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For the horses who are whipped to exhaustion and pushed to their limits — the reality of racing is anything but glamorous. Now, an explosive investigation by ABC 7.30 has uncovered the shocking treatment of Australian horses once their last race is run...

The dark side of the horse racing industry has been exposed on ABC’s 7.30 program. A gruelling two-year-long investigation gathered damning evidence of the mass slaughter of racehorses who are deemed no longer ‘useful’.

After being whipped to exhaustion, heartbreaking footage reveals what the ‘final race’ looks like for thousands of Australian horses every year.

In filthy slaughterhouses and knackeries, they’re sworn at, kicked, beaten and slaughtered in front of their companions. Their flesh is exported overseas for human consumption or sold locally for pet food — some of which ends up in the dinner bowls of fellow victims of the racing industry: greyhounds.

Peak racing bodies have long understood and accepted the mass deaths of healthy horses. In fact, it’s also been revealed that significant funds allocated to rehoming programs have gone unspent, and breeding restrictions are yet to be implemented.

significant funds allocated to rehoming programs have gone unspent, and breeding restrictions are yet to be implemented.

And it’s not only horses exploited by this industry, as nearly half of all regular race bettors say they’ve experienced gambling-related problems.

The big question is: how can sponsors and governments continue to support a socially destructive and cruel industry?

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“We're talking about destroying horses on an industrial scale... I don't think anyone in the [racing] industry could ever defend this.”
— Professor Paul McGreevy
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Urge racing's major sponsors to cut ties with animal cruelty.

There is one thing that keeps the cruel horse racing industry afloat: money. And lots of it.

Through gambling, betting agencies, sponsorships — and even taxpayer dollars — millions are funnelled into an industry that celebrates the winners and callously discards the ‘losers’.

And, as the ABC has exposed, thousands of young and healthy horses, whose only ‘crime’ was not running fast enough, are being brutally slaughtered at an alarming rate.

Through their sponsorship of the Spring Racing Carnival, some of Australia’s most iconic and best-loved brands have been caught up in this scandal and they, too, will be reeling.

It’s very likely that had sponsors been fully aware of the scale of human welfare (through problem gambling) and animal welfare issues endemic to horse racing, they would not have aligned their brands with this industry.

Please tell these companies that supporting horse racing is supporting animal cruelty, and urge them to withdraw their financial backing from this gambling industry.

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The horse racing industry will no doubt be hoping that this scandal just β€˜blows over’. And that means the best thing we can do for horses is to share this story far and wide:
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